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Reply To: Why RVs feel so entitled to make loud noise with thir genarators all night?

KenH, August 9, 2016 at 9:04 am

This is the first time I have tent camped and for the most part the Riverbend club I used for a charter got us campgrounds away from the RV park. That is the ultimate solution.

In past years I have brought my motorhome and we have always parked it in the sea of other motorhomes that is the RV campground. Everyone else was running their generator all night so we did too, most nights. If you can’t sleep through the sound of generators running then you need to avoid the RV campground like it were the plague! If you can’t sleep through the sound of a generator running then you must also avoid sleeping in an RV like it were the plague because the generator is louder inside than outside and you also have to listen to the AC unit which is just as loud. But it is air conditioned.

Other campers, motorhomes, concerts, highway traffic, train traffic, in my experience the typical RAGBRAI camping experience is not quiet and many experienced riders who can’t sleep for the noise bring earplugs for that reason. Noise does not bother me but if I were to park the motorhome in a tent camping area I would tell my crew to deal with the heat and leave the generator off. But in the RV campground it is the norm to run them.

Personally, after tent camping with Riverbend for a week my preference would be to leave the motorhome at home. It was a cleansing experience to effectively own nothing but a bike, a tent, and some clothes for a week. It was great to have nothing else to worry about! I doubt I can wean my crew off it however.

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