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Reply To: Biking etiquette, common sense and not being stupid.

mclousing, August 9, 2016 at 8:51 pm

I am bored tonight so I will add to the general comments.

1. On your left to me means hold your line, over the past two years I was riding in the right lane and someone starts yelling on your left, on your left… Last year it was a tandem and they got pissed because they had to hit their brakes in a congested area, this year after the same lady yelled it 4 times in the matter of 10 yards I yelled back “I am holding my line lady” and she commented that she wanted acknowledgement that I heard her. For a matter of this thread I very rarely acknowledge an on your left, I just hold my line.

2. Rumbles, oh would people quite being whiney little… about rumbles. Don’t get me wrong it happens more than just at RAGBRAI (I was doing a bike race in MI and their was a turn with RUMBLES everybody was swerving all over). This year I made it a point to hit every rumble that was in the right lane to kinda make a point that they are not going to kill you. I got so used to it that I was disappointed on Saturday when the last few intersections with rumbles only had sets of two instead of three.

3. Riding Left, this really irks me. There were several times that we had to pass people on the right because they were poking along in the left lane at a speed that should be right. I always ride like driving on the interstate, ride right then to pass move left and move back.

4. And finally people wanting to stop all bikes for an issue they see. We had to come to a slow dramatically for a “Rider Down” where the person was sitting on the side of the road chatting with others with their bike in the middle of the road and people yelling slow down rider down. Now if it a injury type of incident by all means slow traffic, but if it is nothing more than a oops hit the ground clear the road, get the bike of the road and the person and don’t have people standing in the middle of the road yelling rider down a minute after the person went down and actually got off the road.

OK, I am done with my rant for now

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