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Reply To: Random RAGBRAI Thoughts For 2016

iJimJones, August 10, 2016 at 10:41 pm

I am 65 and this was my wife’s and my 2nd RAGBRAI, the first in which we did it all (half days last year). Loved it, even though day 2 kicked butt. I always like hearing the variety of music (good or bad) and the motivating beats, but since those folks always pass us by it drifts away rather soon. Perhaps I’d feel different if they travelled at the same speed and I couldn’t break away. I too ate in several of the restaurants that were near the vendors, but In one case they were overwhelmed and it was slower than the vendors. I choose to support local vendors, churches, and fundraisers, but I also have a bucket list of food stops to do once during the week if the lines are reasonable (Farm Boys, Chris Cakes, K&K, Mr. Pork Chop, Hostetler/Lamoni Amish pie & homemade ice cream). The most dangerous situation I saw was on day 2 going into Creston in which my wife and I didn’t finish until 6:30pm. There were perhaps thousands of others like us on the road, but since 6pm is when support ends the floodgates opened to traffic and we saw oncoming traffic going 60 mph or more. Many bikers were still riding under the assumption of slower traffic. Shouting “fast car up” with extra urgency back to the many bikers in the left lane was quite concerning.

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