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Reply To: Biking etiquette, common sense and not being stupid.

mootsman, August 11, 2016 at 7:36 am


Calling out “on your left” is not something generally done on RAGBRAI unless, as others have posted, the rider is not riding a straight line or you are being forced to pass rather close. I also watch out for riders closing in on the rider in front of them since that usually predicts they will move to their left.

Some of us would get horse calling out “on your left” fairly early since there are hundreds of people we pass during the day. My 1st day on RAGBRAI my team-lead corrected me to not call it out for every pass as I wouldn’t make any friends that way. I’ve even had people flip me off for calling it out. I’ve also had people complain for not calling it out even though they were riding straight and there wasn’t an issue.

It is not practical to call out “on your left” all day long. You need to start deciding when and when not to. That will come with more RAGBRAI experience as long as you are willing to learn instead of complain about it.

Best advise for all, get a rear view mirror and check it before moving left to make sure it’s clear. You won’t drive a car without a mirror and checking it before switching lanes of travel on a freeway. So why do it on a bike? I have one of those geeky little ones on my sun glasses but better geek then going wheels up.

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