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KenH, September 8, 2016 at 3:34 pm

This is an old thread, I know, and quickly becoming a moot topic as fall approaches in the northern hemisphere but it is still warm enough that a friend at work experienced the effects of hyponatremia after drinking a LOT during a 60 mile training ride this last weekend. He, I, and another friend at work were going to ride a century in a couple of weeks but now he is laying off riding for a while until he sorts his hydration strategy out and makes sure this is “all” it was and the other friend has to withdraw for a completely different medical issue. So I’ll be playing bass guitar at church that morning instead, which isn’t a bad thing either. But I just wanted to reinforce the notion that sethjayson shared above that overhydration is also a thing we need to be worried about over the off season if it is warm where you live and certainly next year during the heat of summer.


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