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Reply To: What's the 2017 Logo Say About the End Town?

KenH, October 27, 2016 at 12:38 pm

I’m not sure what it means that newspapers won’t cross into another newspaper’s home state but I doubt that it means that RAGBRAI cannot cross state boundaries. The notion came up here because someone noticed a lot of threes in the logo and suggested that could mean a three state ride. Someone else noted that TJ had made some comments recently about the Tour visiting three countries in 2017 that he took as potential clues to the RAGBRAI route. I don’t think that any technical or legal objection or any gentleman’s agreements between newspapers would prevent RAGBRAI from crossing into other states.

The biggest objection that I can see is that this is an Iowa event and it is meant to promote Iowa and the Register, its most prominent newspaper. As a rider I think it would be a hoot to cross state lines now and then but I don’t see what the Register’s motivation for doing that would be. I don’t have to see the motivation however, if TJ comes up with a reason to ride into another state then it could happen.

I’m not predicting that will happen, I’m just playing with the suggestions of others to see where they might lead. This is a brainstorming session after all. You dare not squelch ideas in a brainstorming session because however impractical they may be, unlikely suggestions can inspire excellent suggestions if you let them bounce around for a while. You break that chain if you don’t give them some slack.

Maybe the TdF reference to 3 countries is a hint that 3 time Tour winner Greg Lemond will join us this year? Or that all 3 (?!) US tour winners will ride with us: Lance Armstrong, Greg Lemond, and Marianne Martin. Or it could mean nothing. There may not be any clues to the route in the logo or the video this year, I’m not sure there were any last year.

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