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Reply To: What about your experience/training will change?

KenH, November 11, 2016 at 1:58 pm

I’ve regeared my bike and have scouted out some better hill training routes. I want to be prepared to spin up all those hills we won’t have on next year’s northern route! I lost 10 pounds before this year’s ride and the goal is to keep that off and maybe lose a few more. I’m still riding to work every day, next week will probably be the end of that however. So yes, hit the rollers or whatever you’ve got early and often to keep the buns, legs, heart, and lungs in shape. I’m going to try to ride a gravel metric that comes quite early in the season next year so this winter I MUST do rather than think I might do a full schedule of indoor training.

This year was the first year I have tent camped due to a lack of interest in my normal riding buddies. We may put the band back together again next year and take the motorhome again. Or maybe fate will have me tenting again. If it does then yes, pack lighter! I went with the Riverbend Club/Charter last year and would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a low cost charter. They don’t do as much as the premium charters of course but they are a great bunch of people and they offer a lot of value for the dollar. Of course now if any of you have a friend or family member who would be willing to drive a small class C motorhome for a week I could possibly arrange a berth for you in ours….

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