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Reply To: Looking for California Riders to join "A California Peloton" Group

trknight, December 6, 2016 at 6:13 pm

I do some but a very limited amount of paceline riding on RAGBRAI as I prefer the more casual perspective of a relaxed ride, taking in the sights and sounds instead of focusing on the backside of the person in front of me. Most paceline groups are quite respectful of the rest of the riders and appear to put the safety of all first. There are those, however, that seem to feel they own the road and have the right to blow off everybody in their way, that it is they who have the right of way just because they’re going faster. They are also the ones that don’t seem to know there are rules/laws that apply to motor vehicle drivers and cyclists, just the same. If someone in front of you in your “path” is passing others, remember they, in all likelihood, have the legal right of way and it is your responsibility to yield (slow down until safe to pass) and, if you did not and an accident were to occur, you could be at fault and liable for damages. The last I knew, Iowa is not a “no fault” state, like California.

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