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mootsman, January 2, 2017 at 2:22 pm


No 1 right answer to any questions but some general answers below”

1) Should I book a charter or use the registration baggage charter?

Ans: Depends if you’re looking for the cheapest way or the one with the most logistical support. Charters are great for top notch support but of course come at an additional cost. Teams are an option but you’ll need to contribute some chores. Charters like Pork Belly even have a tent service option. They provide the tent, set it up in each overnight, break it down each morning and even deliver/pickup your luggage each day to it. Check them out at http://pkbelly.com/

2) I will be driving in for the ride so I will be need passage from end town
start town. Should I wait till arrive to book passage or do it prior to the

Ans: Don’t wait until you arrive, plan it out and pay for it well in advance. Charters like Pork Belly have options for a chartered motor coach from the end town on the 1st Saturday to the start town right to their camp. Parking for your car is available for the week also.

3) Since I ride in warmer states I use a thin fleece sleeping bag for sleeping.
Should I bring something more warmer?

Ans: I have a summer sleeping bag that I use on some nights. Others are warm enough I use no covers at all. But a summer bag is a good idea in case the temp gets cool. Your fleece option sounds good although I’m not familiar with that style.

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