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Evin Thompson, March 26, 2017 at 1:53 pm

So to be honest I was a bit horrified when I saw this topic. I tend to approach RAGBRAI as my week of Zen and not worry about a thing. But then, I have ridden with awesome teams over the years so I can get away with it. FUNGUS RULES!

I was a certified PMP at one point in my life, and still use all of those tools in my current employment. So on my ride today in beautiful southern VA, I got to thinking about his thread.

All of you that bashed on this rider have used the classic techniques used in project management planning; identification of the task, planning of the tasks, execution, monitoring and closeout. PMP allows one to put all of those things in an organized framework with which to execute the best week of the year. Even Mitchrider subconsciously uses this, otherwise he would be wondering where Iowa was.

As I am thinking about this, there are certain things during RAGBRAI that fit nicely into a PMP framework using project as the tool to manage. What are those things that you really want to do during RAGBRAI that are important to you? While I have not thought about it a lot I know I want to go to the Surf Ballroom, spend at lest two hours hanging out at Clear Lake, make sure I see Hairball and the Johnny Holms Band, yes rumors are that they will both be playing. I have expectations that our support crew will be at our overnight location when I arrive after 8-12 hours on the road that day. I know that RAGBRAI is not 400+ miles, nor 7 days of riding, but instead about 42 rides of 6-15 miles. All of this can be put into a project template and laid out so that you have a good framework of how to manage your time on RAGBRAI, with a lot of flexibly to have the spontaneous things you want to do, but still do the things that you have really want to do.

While not simple to lay this out, it would not be over complicated to put together in MS Project form.

So the challenge to all those that are PMP’s and want to gather their continuing education credits, go for it, help out this individual and the RAGBRAI nation that want to take advantage of such a tool to enhance and plan their RAGBRAI experience. Maybe TJ can leverage an RAGBARI intern at one of the great universities in Iowa to figure this out for us all.

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