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Reply To: To Charter or Not To Charter?

Mike Murphy, March 30, 2017 at 7:30 pm

I have used Brancel (BBC) for the last five Ragbrai’s. My first three I was part of a small team of five riders and one driver. I find that a charter like BBC makes it much easier to do the week long ride. It’s not the big things but several little items that I find that makes it easier. Two shower trucks at our campsite everyday, not walking around trying to find a shower truck its there. Multiple charging stations that allow you to keep everything charged at 100% everyday. Laundry service on Wednesday which means I only take four sets of riding clothes and five days of causal clothes. Easy directional signs so you can find the campsite easily. Wide variety of drinks and snacks ready for you at the end of your ride that you can enjoy under large group tents. Drinks are at a reasonable charge. With 500 people you always have someone to talk to about the ride. I have meet several friends with Brancel that we go to dinner with every night during Ragbrai. Bob and his family do whatever is necessary and possible to make your ride enjoyable. I am sure that other charters do this as well I can only speak about Brancel.

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