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Jboz, April 17, 2017 at 8:36 pm

^ ratscallion ^ Very well said. It’s easy to sit back and demonize an entire district because they voted this way or that, or because they guy they voted for said some boneheaded thing. But these are people. Mostly hard-working and good people. These are good solid Iowans, not monsters because their district happened to vote a certain way. I’m tired of all the demonization, and I think most Americans are as well. Maybe it’s time to put all the divisiveness and anger away, and just be good neighbors again. RAGBRAI is an opportunity to heal and come together in friendship. It’s a shame that some riders may choose to “take their ball and go home” instead of practicing “live and let live”, but I guess that’s their prerogative.

As for me, I will be there in Orange City and every mile and town thereafter until we ride into Lansing. I will ride with the full knowledge that I may not agree with the guy or gal I ride beside, but I will still enjoy the casual conversation and encouragement. The kid I buy lemonade from might have parents with some views I detest, but that lemonade will be cold and thirst quenching, and the smile from the kid will make my day. The church group feeding me spaghetti might have some folks in the congregation who donated to a candidate I didn’t support, but that meal will hit the spot after a long day of riding. RAGBRAI is a special time when we can all be friends, pedaling along mile after mile as a rolling community and celebrating our commonalities rather than our differences. RAGBRAI transcends the pettiness of politics and silly boycotts.

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