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Reply To: Pace Lines

CyclingCyclone, April 25, 2017 at 10:44 am

Pacelines are a bad idea on RAGBRAI, and like bandits, they’re not going away.
A perfect example of how dangerous pacelines can be on this ride is back on our day into Forest City in 1987 our group came across the remnants of a pace line as the paramedics were trying to save the life of a guy who was in one. Their group moved over the the right as a truck was approaching, and as the truck passed this guy moved back to the left, and didn’t see the truck was towing a trailer, was run over,and was killed.
The officials stopped traffic, and we had to get off our bikes and walk past this mess.
On a side note, if you want pace off someone at least have the courtesy of asking the person you want to draft if it’s okay or not. If it’s me, I’ll say no thank you, I’m 47 now, and not as fast I as think I am.
On another side note, it’s always enjoyable passing pacelines riding solo.

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