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david636, May 8, 2017 at 11:16 am

Last year was my first Ragbrai and like you I was concerned about the camping. I went with PBV, using them again this year, they make things very easy and are a pleasure to be around! You do have a somewhat legitimate concern. What I found out last year is the campground area can be somewhat noisy. Not so much from your fellow campers, although loud snoring can be heard, but mostly from noise outside the immediate camping area. There are a lot of trains in Iowa, they run at night, they make noise, shake the ground, and blow their whistles. Occasionally, someone thinks it is fun to shoot off fireworks after it gets dark.

I brought along a 10-inch camp fan. The ambient sound from my fan helped dampen most of the noise. This year I’m also going to bring some ear plugs.
Out of the 8 nights I camped with PBV, I had 5 good nights’ sleep. The first night it was just too hot, the other two nights; numerous trains.
The nights where I did not sleep well, in no way diminished my enthusiasm for the next days’ ride. Ragbrai is an amazing event! PBV is a great charter.

If non-camper like myself can survive the camping, you will too.

That is my 2cent perspective.

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