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Geoff Butland, June 6, 2017 at 12:56 pm

I switched to a recumbent bike this year and I was also nervous about clipping in. But after having my sneakers slide off the platform pedals on a couple of missed shifts I decided to install clip-in pedals. With RAGBRAI in mind I was a little concerned about slow speed navigation in heavy bike traffic and my ability to get in and out of the clips so I went with a Shimano pedal that has a platform on one side and clips on the other. To be honest cleats on the platform isn’t ideal, but in a pinch it works. And I can just jump on the bike in sneakers for a quick ride to the store.
For shoes I bought my first pair of biking sandals this year and I cannot say enough good things about them. This from a guy who has worn traditional “bike shoes” for 20+ years. You can skip putting cleats on them and get the benefit of the comfortable upper and stiff sole on a platform pedal, and if you decide to go with the clip-in pedals just install the cleats! On long rides these sandals are just incredibly comfortable. Ventilation is better, and there are four straps to adjust for swelling feet. Highly recommended!
EDIT: RAGRAI virgin here, so a large grain of salt recommended if taking any of this “advice”.

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