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Reply To: Charter recommendations?

KenH, June 19, 2017 at 8:42 am

I rode with Riverbend last year and I recommend them without hesitation. They don’t do as much for you as the more expensive charters do but they do everything you really need and they do it well! They are a great group and if you end up needing to go with them this year simply because the rest are full you very well might find yourself going with them every year. I’m bringing my motorhome this year, I think, as I have every other year but last. The hassles of dealing with that has me thinking very fondly indeed about the trouble free time I had with Riverbend last year.

An example of that is that over the weekend I got word from one of my riders that his participation this year is in question now because of something that hit him and his family from out of nowhere. There were only going to be three of us and we were going to just split the motorhome driving among us. If he drops out that leaves the two of us doing as much motorhome driving as riding, not a good thing.

So, if anyone would like to try doing RAGBRAI in a motorhome you can contact me. You will be required to drive the motorhome part of the time so if you don’t feel comfortable with that or don’t want to lose any time on the bike it is not an option for you. At the moment I am sure that I have bunk space for up to two people who don’t mind sleeping together in the cabover bunk of a class C motorhome (its a little cozy up there but it is fine for a couple). If my friend does need to drop out I would have a third bunk available that sleeps one just fine and could sleep two but it is REALLY cozy for two. I just ask the people who sleep in the motorhome to split the cost of the gas for the week with me and of course help with the driving. If you happen to have a friend or family member who has always wanted to come along to RAGBRAI but doesn’t want to ride (or sleep in a tent!) but who can drive a small (21 foot) class C motorhome, let’s talk, that would solve two problems for me!

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