RAGBRAI LI Route Announced on Jan. 27!

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Snookson, July 31, 2017 at 11:50 am

The milk truck was right outside Ossian if I remember correctly. It flew by in the left-hand lane at about 50-55mph laying on its horn, and when the oncoming semi rounded the bend it jumped over into the right lane scattering bikes everywhere. Seriously dangerous; it could have killed someone. I was going to stop at the highway patrol directing traffic ahead at the highway intersection but someone was already there speaking to them about it.

The descent into Decorah was amazing, and the town was enjoyable. My favorite overnight town was probably Cresco. I loved the old theater and characters they had dressed up. Least favorite overnight was definitely Waukon. Of course this could have had something to do with the two groups of jerks that camped next to us (super-environmentalist berating us about dumping “sewage shower water” onto the ground and Team Roadshow being massively rude and throwing our camping equipment around — seriously never had an encounter like this on any of my 10 RAGBRAIs).

Favorite pass-through towns include Primghar, West Bend (amazing grotto), Ventura (Muskie Lounge), Protivin, Decorah, Postville.

A couple observations: did not see one sag wagon while riding on the route. This was a first for me; usually I see at least a couple every day. Also the number of ambulances flying by seemed low. I hope this was because of fewer injuries/medical issues and not a lack of ambulances! I enjoyed the Iowa Craft Beer tents and amish pie and ice cream. Tried to avoid the large traveling caterers (Mr. Porkchop/Pastafari/etc.)

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