Reply To: We can skip Kossuth county from now on.

Sunflower, July 31, 2017 at 9:41 pm

I’d like to expand on my earlier post. I’m sure that these vendors were blindsided by politicians that belong in Portlandia. This is a “give and take” sort of negotiation that occurs when people are left to their own devices. These county supervisors can be forgiven for thinking that they can extract dollars for their purposes from RAGBRAI because that’s what’s left of our politics.

The next round is the reaction.

This is actually good fun.

The Des Moines Register has a little say in what happens next. They have some competing interests to balance but no doubt understand that letting RAGBRAI devolve into a cash grab for the politically connected (at the county level) isn’t in the Ride’s best interests.

Beer drinking riders have some say as well. It’s not all that hard to imagine a team handing out flyers exposing the various ne’er-do-wells along the way if it becomes a serious issue. It’s not that hard to imagine, after repeated assaults on the Ride’s traditions, that a county’s beer vendors get left sitting on a large portion of their inventory. Word will spread that you don’t fack with a good Iowa craft brew and a Brewer’s sausage.

Drinking good beer while riding across Iowa is a value-added moment courtesy of The Register and a long tradition. If county politicians seek to reduce the value of that proposition they will suffer consequences courtesy of thousands of small decisions.

DXXkheads are going to DXXkhead. It doesn’t work out well for them in the end.

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