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Jack in VA, August 1, 2017 at 10:00 pm

Hi JLVP! I was likely one of those pushing my bike up several of those hills too – last year I knew it was going to be considerably hillier than other routes across the state and I brought my road bike (with gears). However, I’ve ridden my fixed / single speed bike on every RAGBRAI since ’08, and didn’t see why I couldn’t do it again this year!!! HAHAHAHA. The first 5 days weren’t too bad – although I did ride fixed the 1st day, and switched over to the freewheel about 30 miles into the 2nd day so I could coast downhill and stretch occasionally. The last 2 days had some kick a$$ hills though – some just a bit too steep for me to muscle my way up to the top. I did have a Bluetooth amp on the back to keep the tunes rocking me on, whether riding or walking, and with my personal “noise” envelope, maybe people were making comments to / about me, but I’ve just got two words it they felt the need to do so: “F” ’em! I’m out there on my vacation for ME – not them.
Hill training in SE Virginia is practically non-existent, so I practice when I can, ride when I can, SPIN when I can, and hope for the best once my tires meet Iowa roads. I’m not out to WIN anything – just make it to the Mississippi river a week later. It doesn’t matter to me whether I ride every single mile or walk a few – nor does it matter how anyone else manages to get from west to east.
Keep on doing what you’re doing, and disregard the comments and snarkiness of others. They have NO IDEA about who you are, what you’ve been going through in your life, how much or little you’ve been able to prepare for RAGBRAI. Unless someone is paying my way, buying my food and beer – I have no interest in whatever snide comments they may feel they need to make.
See you again next July on the way across IOWA!

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