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Reply To: What is something unusual (or crazy/craziest) thing you've done on RAGBRAI?

LawnchairMan, May 13, 2018 at 8:44 pm

I guess mine would be crashing and getting back on the bike. Then spending the rest of the week on crutches. In 2015 I crashed at three and a half miles into the ride. First day, still in Sioux City. I had to straighten out my steering and tweak the bike in other places. My right knee was sore and bleeding. A towns person helped bandage my leg, and then I got back on. I remember climbing using mostly my left leg and groaning as my right went around. I heard a nearby rider say that recumbents must be too much work. As I neared the top of the hill I got a traffic cone caught under me and it caused me to tip over. Wasn’t going fast, so I don’t claim that as a crash. Still took it as a sign to stop.
Found out later that my kneecap was cracked. Had to use crutches and keep my leg straight, so getting in / out of my tent was a challenge.

This was unusual too. One day I was determined to put up my tent by myself. I did it mostly laying down, dragging myself to stake it down, then hopping to pull the tent up and fasten the clips. Took about an hour, but I succeeded!

Part of my job in Vegas is to set up microphones, but the next year I was in front of the mic at Ragbrai. I’m not used to that, but I had to thank everyone for all the help I’d received in ’15. Both charter staff and customers helped me, from tying shoe laces, setting my tent, to buying me pain killers. The support was awesome!

This wasn’t crazy like wearing only a fig leaf, but it was unusual. Check this video. Ragbrai vs Hawaii.

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