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Reply To: Day Six, full route. Thoughts?

Larry Klaaren, May 15, 2018 at 2:43 pm

Sort of OT, but three or four years ago, I had to make an emergency trip to Oskaloosa because my mom was dying. I knew RAGBRAI was coming through on 92, but I thought by 6 o’clock it would have been past or mostly past on their way from Sigourney to Washington, riding Iowa Highway 92. However, it rained that day, and probably everyone was running late. Anyway, there was no good alternate route by the time I met RAGBRAI at intersection of the road that goes south out of Wellman and 92. There were probably 40 cars in a line driving about 30-35 going west. Some guy was driving down the middle of the road, toward us, on a bicycle trying to wave all the cars to the side of the road (we already were) and fingering us all. Don’t be that guy.
BTW, that first four or five miles out of Sigourney that we will ride on Friday are kind of steep as is most of the route from Deep River to Sigourney. That will be fun on Thursday, which seems to be will be the most mentally tough day.

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