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Reply To: No Vendors outside of towns in first two counties

Rodcrosgrove, May 16, 2018 at 5:09 pm

Late to the game, didn’t realize there was such a brewhaha until I read TJs post.
TJ I wrote you some unkind things about the last day last year, you responded back pretty strong and that’s ok. I want to say you do a great job, now on to the subject. This is my 6th RAGBRAI and my wife’s 11th, I’m from Iowa she is not. I’ve wanted to start in onawa every time I’ve done RAGBRAI. I was born there, my grandpa is buried there, my Dad grew up there, I’ve been there numerous times. Most people probably don’t know they used to claim the widest Main Street in the us. Next stop Soldier, my grandma is buried there, been there numerous times. RAGBRAI is always like coming home, now about the vendors.
My wife and I almost always go to churches for suppers. Stop by America legions for lunches. But we hit beekmans, (from Pocahontas, which was in my high school sports conference) almost everyday and have to hit Mr pork chop at least once during the week. Some things from the vendors are great, farm boys and breakfast delights come to mind and I think they are both from Iowa. I like all the settings, either in the country or in town. Yes they should all pay a fee, what ever the town or county has set up. Of course it is us the riders that pay the fee, just like the registration. That’s it. Keep up the good work TJ.

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