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Reply To: Newbie question!

rlseaborn505, May 17, 2018 at 11:59 am

Hi Carole,
Cycling with a clipless system is more comfortable and efficient than using sport shoes, but you should get used to engaging/disengaging shoes from cleats prior to this event, and see that the cleats are properly placed on the shoe so as not to promote any knee pain issues on the ride. There are circumstances on the road that require quick thought or reaction so as to disengage safely as you come to a stop, such as rolling into town, or the accordion effect when groups slow down climbing a hill. Be prepared and watch/anticipate potentially hazardous situations. Our first RAGBRAI was 2016 on a tandem, and while fun, was also a little nerve racking at times. You may find that you are more comfortable disengaging one leg vs the other coming to a stop, and that’s ok. Practice, be safe, and we’ll see you out there! Rick

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