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Reply To: No Vendors outside of towns in first two counties

Iceman !, May 22, 2018 at 11:10 am

I remember – maybe 8 or 10 years ago – when Fair Trade Coffee (sometimes referred to as the Coffee Hippies) and Mama Raphaels either refused to come back to Ragbrai (my belief) or were “fee’ed” out by the counties in order to drive business to Iowa vendors and discourage non-Iowa vendors (that’s my opinion; the DMR would have you believe otherwise although we all know that while the DMR does not collect or set the fees, they certainly can have more than just a little “influence” on the rules the cities and counties enforce). I had the chance several years ago while riding Bike Virginia to speak with Mama’s and they are sticking to their story that the license fees charged to non-Iowa vendors simply made it prohibitively expensive to come back to Iowa. The truth is I agree with Ragbrai being set up to benefit Iowa citizens and I don’t have any real problems with charging the likes of Fair Trade, Mama’s, et al, more for licenses. My complaint, however is more of a deja vu theme in line with this thread. On more than several segments of prior Ragbrai’s we experienced long stretches where breakfast just did not get served if you chose to skip the long lines at the pancake place or Farm Boys Burritos and then found yourself having no options other than buying an overpriced, plastic wrapped Honeybuns from some unlicensed roadside vendor. Bound to be some middle ground. There is a place for the annual providers who have abandoned Ragbrai as they fill a need.

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