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JLVanPelt, May 25, 2018 at 6:40 am

I did my first two RAGBRAIs with mountain bike shoes and no clips at all due to a combination of fear, prior bad experiences with falling while trying clipless pedals and not being a strong cyclist in crowds. It was doable and for me to gain the confidence of one less thing to worry about, it was the right decision at that time. I’ve been in clipless the past two years. I have the KEEN sandals which are nice for RAGBRAI. I’ll never go back to regular shoes for all the detailed reasons above but my comment is do whatever thinks will make you most comfortable. One of the scariest things for me on RAGBRAI is seeing a rider who can’t handle their bike, avert dangerous situations quickly or is making panic decisions. If you get 30 days out and still feel a clipless shoe choice gives you more control, do it!

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