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Reply To: Miles needed? How many hill miles?

Roy Trent, June 21, 2018 at 7:25 pm

This will be my second year at Ragbrai so I am much more confident than last year. I was well over trained last year(with about 2500 pre event miles) which made the week very easy, even the last couple of days with a fair amount of climbing. I even went and climbed Hosmer on the last day.
I have not done a lot of hills so far this this year, so last Saturday we went and did a 45 miler with 3100 feet including a couple of short 12% hills. We will not have anything like that this year but that gave me a good baseline of my climbing ability. I need to do a little more work so the week is enjoyable. I only have about 1000 miles in so far this year.
Work hard now and enjoy Ragbrai. I also agree with the advice above about resting before the ride. I usually take my bike in for an overhaul 2 or 3 weeks before major events and then just do easy rides for several days after I get the bike back.

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