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Reply To: Water Stops on Route or Begging Locals for Garden Hose?

Mike Howe, June 28, 2018 at 8:16 am

I was a first time rider last year and was able to get free water in the pass through towns from the pvc pipe thing. I had two water bottles and I dont think I ever really ran out of water. Just kept refilling it in the pass through town if needed.

Youll find places selling bottled water in the pass through towns too. Its colder than the free water. Most of the time it was a dollar or two for a bottle. Some places had “free” water, bananas, pickle juie, etc and accepted donations (please donate if you take something). Between pass through towns theres usually people selling water, gatorade, snacks, and food on their farm or closed road intersections. Youre usually not too far from water of some sort no matter where youre at on the route.

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