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Reply To: Spill your Guts: What is your Ragbrai Training Tradition?

Larry Klaaren, June 28, 2018 at 11:08 am

What is the usual date for that Udder ride? It’s a little ways from New Lenox but doable. Might have missed it on the Bicycle Illinois website.
There is a 4th of July ride sponsored by a Joliet bike club. There are several options for distance. They ride out to Platteville or some town around there. It’s a new format and route so I am not sure. There are cloverleaf options from there to pick your distance. So a group can ride out, split up for their target distance and meet again if they want to, to ride back to the start.
I am watching the heat index. We are at 105 for Sat/Sun, but this is the weekend to book it, as well as the next, then taper off before the ride. I am obligated from 8 until 1 p.m. on Sundays so it will be the heat treatment if I ride.
This is my first RAGBRAI. My plan is to have frequent and generous rest stops, and eat a lot of sweet corn. Watch out for the Amish Pies, what isn’t lard is sugar. They used to give me pie in the summer when I made farm calls. Those pies sat heavily in my stomach for quite a while. Food animal veterinary work is kind of physical and along with the sugar buzz the pies were quite an experience.

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