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Reply To: I need beer for the ride, how have you gotten beer in the past?

Nico ZZZ, June 28, 2018 at 12:51 pm

Our small team never turns down a chance to have a Bloody Mary! We prefer to hit the local joints, so we will hit your place! Best Bloody Mary operation I saw last year was the bartender lining up plastic cups half full of ice and vodka. Pay, grab your cup, and then go over to the Bloody Mary Construction Site (big table with lots of elbow room for those of us making our beverage) and throw whatever you want into the glass to personalize and perfect your beverage. It was so fast and simple.
Also make sure your signage outside is up high screaming out Bloody Mary, higher than 6 feet, so it can be seen across the waves of cyclists walking their bikes through town. Have your door open if possible, so people know your place is open for business. I look forward to enjoying a Bloody Mary or two at your establishment very shortly!
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