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Reply To: Onawa Tire Dip

Phil Stearney, July 1, 2018 at 10:15 am

Just a thought for those of you who want a shorter trip that you can say is ‘technically’ a tire dip in the Missouri River…I am sure I will get some negative feedback from the purists on here, but what the hell: There is a lake called Blue Lake just west of Onawa. It surrounds Lewis and Clark state park on three sides. It is an ‘oxbow’ lake. Long ago, it used to be a section of the Missouri River but was ‘cut off’ into a separate lake due to heavy flooding / erosion / etc…Very common along old rivers. So…you could technically say that the water in this lake is the Missouri River…Your call on that – and I won’t say whether you are cheating or not…I am not sure what I will do on Day zero, but it will largely depend on how I feel after a 6 hour bus ride – and of course what the weather is…

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