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Reply To: Ischial bursitis – is RAGBRAI over for me?

KenH, July 2, 2018 at 8:18 am

I am not a doctor so I cannot give you a medical opinion on when you can ride again. Depend on your doctor and for those above who are doctors for that. I do concur with the advice to consider a new saddle while you are recovering and to get a good professional bike fit (if you haven’t done that already) at a local bike shop when you are cleared to sit on a bike saddle again for brief periods. If you rode a lot previously without this issue then you should look for whatever saddle you used then or something as similar as possible. In terms of your training you have enough already really. Try to keep your fitness level up by doing whatever other types of exercise your doctor recommends. Stair climbing can be a good substitute for hill training. Get out and do yardwork or something like that on hot days to get or keep your hot weather adaptation. Make sure anything you do complies with whatever guidelines your doctor gives you of course.

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