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Reply To: Onawa Tire Dip

KenH, July 2, 2018 at 8:56 am

I am a purist of sorts. I see no value in a wheel dip in a substitute body of water because the object of the game, in my mind, is to ride border to border, not to get my tires wet. You cannot get to the eastern border because it lies in the middle of the Mississippi River. I think, I have not checked to see if there are exceptions to that. Dipping your tires in the Mississippi is as close as you can get to the eastern border so that is what we do. It also harkens back to Sargon the Great’s conquest of the ancient Fertile Crescent and washing his sword in the Mediterranean when his army got to the shore. But I am probably the only one who remembers that….

On the western border you mostly have the Missouri and the Big Sioux rivers on the boarder but here there are exceptions due to the above mentioned oxbows. Originally the borders followed the rivers but rivers change their beds, often creating oxbows in the process and the borders do not change. So in the Onawa area you have the Onawa Materials Yard Wildlife Area and the Middle Decatur Bend Wildlife Area as two examples of where the river changed after the borders defined. In the Materials Yard area the border is actually on dry land now. In the Decatur area there’s a boat landing at the end of 243rd street (appears to be gravel) that you could potentially use as dip site in an oxbow that does lie on the border.

Road bikes are not a good choice for dirt roads if they are wet. But if they are dry and hard your road bike will have no particular issues with a dirt road other than it will get dusty. The dirt road ride from 230th street to the border appears to be very short.

LawnchairMan: nhhillrider changed his route so I cannot spot the feature you are puzzled with to give you my opinion.

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