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Reply To: Shabbat Dinner?

KenH, July 10, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Thanks for the head’s up! I’m not Jewish and not a vegetarian but if I am welcome at the service after dinner I will try to attend that.

If this is your first RAGBRAI then you missed being mobbed by the Jewish community in Postville last year. I noticed some people who at a glance appeared to be Amish walking along the route as I rolled into town and when I stopped to dismount and park my bike downtown I was immediately surrounded by people asking me if I were Jewish. They were perfectly happy to talk to me when I admitted that I was not and so I found out that their mission for the day was to make sure every Jewish rider was personally greeted by members of the local Hasidic community, many of whom work at the kosher meat packing plant in town.

Iowa is a special place anyway but RAGBRAI brings out the best of Iowa!

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