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Reply To: Receiving Materials?

KenH, July 10, 2018 at 1:08 pm

I finally received an email from them at 8:24 this morning promising my packet in two days. There have been reports (see one a few posts above) that everything would be shipped by today. These official shipping estimates are often optimistic so by today I assume they mean by tomorrow or Thursday. If you have not received an email yet I think you should contact them. Be sure to give them your wristband number so that they can give you up to date information in their first reply. If you are part of a team have your team contact send the email rather than inundating them with questions from each team member separately. That way everyone still waiting will hear back from them quickly.

I know how frustrating this is, for whatever reason I always seem to be one of the last ones to receive notice or packets every year. But they have never let me down and I do not believe they will let any of you down either. The people who are hurt the most are those who need to sell their credentials as someone noted just above. For their sakes I hope that Team RAGBRAI can pull the schedule for this activity up by at least two weeks next year! We need to have our materials by the 1st of July in order for those who need to sell them to have time to ship them to their new owners and so that those who will attend the ride have time to have any errors corrected.

Are you listening, Team RAGBRAI??

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