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Reply To: Receiving Materials?

DenBiker, July 11, 2018 at 3:07 pm

Two things and a comment – Got the email last night saying our packet will be shipped – just checked on it and saw that it had been sent to the PO and was awaiting acceptance there. Looks Like I will see our group’s packet sometime around the weekend. Also saw RAGBRAI’S “Packet Update” blog post saying that with their hard work RAGBRAI has now gotten 99% of the packets out.

My comment: TOO LITTLE – WAY TOO LATE – Having watched the this year’s “Packet Drama” unfold over the last few weeks I expected more than just an “update” that basically said “Hey we worked hard and now have got our job done!”

I would have liked to have seen someone at RAGBRAI stand up and say “Hey we had a problem this year – We are sorry about all the anxiety it has caused among our participants. We are going to work hard in future years to make sure it does not happen again”. Please won’t someone JUST STAND UP, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND APOLOGIZE!!!

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