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Reply To: Thoughts on pass through towns

Gypsy Rose, January 29, 2019 at 2:18 pm

[quote quote=1298763]Another term you will see here that you need to become familiar with is kybo. A kybo is a porta-potty. People tell many fine stories about how it got that name….[/quote]


“Back in the day,” one of the hot items on RAGBRAI was the KYBO t-shirt. When I’d arrive in the start town on the Friday before the ride started, the KYBO trucks would roll in and we’d rush over to get the shirt.

Here’s what the Register writes as background to the KYBO (Keep Your Bowels Open):

A local excavating and grading contractor, Steve Corell , came up with the name KYBO for portable toilets. He was one of the first businessmen in the city to deal in portable toilets and built them out of plywood for use by construction companies. When he started in the portable-toilet business, he said, similar operations were all based on the same word, “john,” and Corell wanted something different.
He recalled the term given to latrines when he was a young boy at camp, so called his old camp counselor to find out what “KYBO” meant.
The counselor said it stood for “Keep Your Bowels Open. ”
Corell then registered the term as a trademark, and the KYBO business hit the road running. One year, the word was the theme of poems, a song and a bicycle team on RAGBRAI, he said.
Several years ago he sold the business to the Satellite Co. of Minneapolis.
Since the flood, however, he has received dozens of phone calls inquiring about portable toilets. He checked with trademark registration and found that the KYBO trademark was never used by the Satellite people, and was dropped.
So he re-registered the trademark “KYBO.”


~ Kevin

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