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Reply To: Electric assist bikes?

Jason Stoller, January 29, 2019 at 3:15 pm

[quote quote=1298892]The e-bike classes I listed are from e-bike industry standards and the limits for RAGBRAI are set by the Iowa statute and RAGBRAI. I do not take troll bait so it was a waste of time. I do not even read all of it.[/quote]

Mootsman, I can see it is probably a habit for you to label anyone that disagrees or presents a different point of view or opinion from yours a Troll. Instead of keeping things on an intellectual level you would rather reduce things to implications, insulting name calling which doesn’t add anything to the discussion. It certainly does not do this forum any good.

If you are going to make an assertion about a source, isn’t it customary to post a link to that source so other readers can reference it? Did you forget to do that? You also asserted that what you posted without a link to source you are quoting has authority in Iowa Law? Where is a link to a Iowa law that shows and validates that authority you are claiming? Mootsman I have no problem accepting what you want to post as fact if you have valid sources behind those facts but please post links to sources to validate them. Do not post information you read part of or that was an opinion of a writer or that was proposed by another just because you happened to agree with it and call it fact. Do we need to go back to the basics and discuss about what was claimed in this forum about batteries again when someone who posted what really not informed or educated about them. I am certainly willing if you are.

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