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Reply To: Electric assist bikes?

Jason Stoller, January 29, 2019 at 6:07 pm

[quote quote=1298922]Class 1, as posted above is defined by Iowa law as a bicycle. RAGBRAI policy is to follow Iowa law. Mootsmann is right, calls for sources are just argumentative at this point. They’ve already been given to the extent needed. According to the Just Go Bike podcast 102 the Iowa legislature is currently considering a move to give electric scooters the same rights as bicycles. I have no idea how they define scooter but if they don’t define it we could be riding with electric Vespas as early as next year. I certainly hope they apply sensible industry standards as they have in the case of ebikes.[/quote]

Where in the world does it say anything about electric scooters or Vespas? Vespa is a brand name by the way for those who might be unaware and there are competing brands. Since when is calling for a source to validate random statements anyone wishes others to take as fact argumentative? Ken I think you will agree, even when it comes to the law everything is open interpretation. Whose interpretation depends on who is reading it what is written, case, or common law that has established a precedent. So far I am unaware of any precedents that have been established.


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