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Reply To: A Group of Virgins with Questions/Concerns/Thoughts from the Group

ESchiers, January 30, 2019 at 8:37 pm

May I suggest PBV if a shower and a flush are important. They are a great charter and worth the cash if you want the promise of a solo shower (no group showers), flush toilets, and coffee, beer, and lemonade available when you ride in or out of camp. People may say its more expensive but in the end, you’ll pay about the same. Its just where to put down the funds. I’m not a fast rider so I come into camp later then many; not having to search for dinner, a shower, and a place to tent makes the experience easier. With that said consider staying through the week. Step out and don’t fear the mass of humanity, RAGBRAI is the experience of having all the people around, all 30,000 of them become new friends. Your group would be missed if you decide not to ride. Hope you bike along through I-O-WAY and please let us know what you choose to do, maybe we can share a mile of smiles.:-)

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