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Reply To: The Route's Out, What Do You Think?

KenH, January 31, 2019 at 8:37 am

Yes, the Karras loop was mentioned in the route announcement party, I did hear that. Perhaps I just should have said that rather than trying to be “poetic”. I did want to say something in case someone tuned in the podcast without having heard the route announcement and got worried. Clearly at this point there will never be a RAGBRAI without a Karras loop although one has to wonder if it is not time to designate it the Karras-Kaul loop or the Founder’s Loop or something like that!

Basically anyone who posts on this forum should listen to the Just Go Bike podcast #103. My summary did not begin to plumb the depths of what is there and you owe it to yourselves to take a listen. It will only add to your excitement about this year’s ride. There will be more RAGBRAI related podcasts going forward so keep tabs on what they release next. It is a great podcast anyway, those of us who don’t tune it in regularly should start doing that. I spend several hours a week riding a commuter train, it’s not like I have an excuse….

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