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Reply To: RAGBRAI virgin! advice sought. thank you!

Amanda, February 26, 2019 at 7:12 am

Robin- I think you can get single day passes online here after April 1. I am not positive but I think that’s how it reads. To get a ride from the end town to the second day out or wherever you want to go, I would suggest friends. You might be able to find a local who can give you a ride but that would be taking a chance that someone is available. I am assuming you would arrive on RAGBRAI on Thursday night then correct? Accommodations, well there’s campsites in each overnight town so just find a spot and put your tent down. If you’re going to have RAGBRAI carry your bags those last two days, you need to find the official campground find your spot put your tent up. Another option would be to have a third person go with you as a support driver. Then your accommodations are more flexible. Just find your support driver and make camp. I hope this helps I’m not real clear on my direction I know! But it is early in the morning. LOL

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