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Reply To: RAGBRAI virgin! advice sought. thank you!

jwsknk, February 26, 2019 at 8:22 am

I think the RAGBRAI truck puts out little time signs that show about when that section of bags was loaded. so know about what time you put them on and that will narrow the search.
Some people say Corn Bears are mythical…like some say Bigfoot is.
I do have a set of camping silverware on the bike, cuts down on the plastic waste a little bit.
Could be mosquitoes or not, depends if they thaw out by then or can dig out. But this is southern Iowa this year, they haven’t been slammed quite as hard recently with the weather.
a lock, in big cities maybe, the closest we get is Indianola this year. In the main campground depends on how close to your tent you can get it. If the tents big enough take it inside, If there is room to lay it next to tent do that. My tent has two doors, I lay it so the saddle and other parts are under the fly mostly to keep those parts dry but then the helmet, gloves, sandals stay out there too on top of the bike. Anything left out in the open will be wet in the morning.

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