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Reply To: Footwear Suggestions? Other gear?

Roy Trent, March 11, 2019 at 11:37 am

All the above have good points. Much like Ken, over the years I have worked my way thru flats, clips and clipless(sdp-Ls: “Look” type pedals). Having done 100 milers in each type, I much prefer the efficiency of a stiff shoe and clipless pedals. While tennis shoes are fine for a 5 miler to go get ice cream:), I can’t imagine doing 60-70 miles each day in a soft sole shoe.
I am a relative new comer to RAGBRAI as this will be my third year. Having to deal with the walk thru towns in SPD-Ls the last 2 years, I have decided to put mountain bike pedals on my road bike for this year’s event. The particular pedals were purchased at Performance (going out of business sale for $25) and have a cleat side and a flat side. Found a pair of Mt bike shoes on sale with recessed cleats. This will make it MUCH MUCH easier to walk around. While not as stiff as a carbon fiber road shoe, the Mt bike shoe will be efficient enough for the week.
Keep your feet and rear end in good shape and you will have a great week!

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