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Reply To: How's the training?

T. Gap Woo, July 1, 2019 at 3:37 pm

Total YTD (well, since Groundhog Day anyway) = 1531 miles.

I just finished riding the Great Allegheny Passage on Friday 6/28. It was excellent preparation for Ragbrai, particularly the heat and humidity. While there were no “low rollers” like in Iowa, it was uphill all the way from Pittsburgh to the eastern continental divide. While the average grade was 1.5%, the 40 mile stretch from Confluence to the Divide seemed more than that. However, uphill is still uphill. Good training.

The payback was the 24 mile downhill stretch from the Divide through Frostburg to Cumberland. I exceeded the posted 15 mph speed limit several times (Shooosh, don’t tell anyone!).

Urgent business back home forced me to delay the C&O Canal Trail portion of the ride until later this summer (late August or early September?).

Thanks to all of the Ragbrai’ers who made comments and suggestions on my earlier thread about this ride as preparation for Ragbrai. They were very helpful.

I’m sending a special shout-out of appreciation to two individuals (whose names I cannot readily locate, but they know who they are!): one provided a spreadsheet of places to stay along the way (Mrs Woo has an easier time finding accommodations for the night); the other recommended that we try the Queen City Creamery in Cumberland (you were right; their ice cream is TDF!).

I hope the C&O ride is as pleasant as the GAP ride was. I can’t wait to ride Ragbrai again next year.

See you along the I-O-Way in 2020.

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