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Reply To: TIme to Make Peace and Come Back Together as 1 Ride

David C., October 23, 2019 at 1:10 pm

[quote quote=1312245]“Buck up, Snowflake. Some of us are capable of cycling without a police escort.[/quote]

I see KenH as more of an ice storm, than a snowflake, but I don’t want to disparage any actual snowflakes. All kidding aside, I respectfully submit that the “cycling without a police escort” argument is a straw man, easily set up to topple and then claim victory. The actual argument is that the two competing events will require significant logistical traffic control, as klkoopman points out.

To borrow your snowflake analogy, no one is concerned with one little itty bitty snowflake, but when they get together, they are more of a problem.

As for klkoopman’s criticism that RR has been here six days, thus sit down and let the grown ups talk, (the implication being), well, it’s as ad hominem as calling KenH a snowflake, though he might rather like the moniker. But it has been five days, not six.

As an aside, I respectfully think RR has it wrong given his/her other posts on the RAGBRAI site. I don’t think this internal power struggle at Gannett leading to a handful of staff departing, which is how I see it, is actually a red-blue divide. I’m not a snowflake or a Bernie Bro, or other labels that you have ascribed to RAGBRAI supporters versus the presumably more robust and pragmatic minded IR supporters.

Instead, and this may blow your mind– I believe in intellectual property rights, the tradition of RAGBRAI as fostered by the Register and its parent organization, and I don’t think those rights belong to TJ or some nebulous rider collective. Sounds like hippie talk! ;)

I think it’s okay RAGBRAI is a business, not a not-for-profit, if it is indeed a for-profit company. And I don’t mind them making a buck or two. It helped pay TJ for 16 years and he obviously didn’t have a problem with it or the purportedly corporate nature of it.

I just encourage you, RR, to think about this false dichotomy that appears to have taken shape that everyone who supports RAGBRAI is a liberal and everyone who supports IR is a free thinking conservative. I just don’t think it’s that simple. I mean no disrespect, however, and I believe you are welcome to your views. I do think, as I have stated elsewhere on this board, that IR should have its own web forum where, as you have indicated, it is or will be “all smiles.”

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