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Reply To: IR Could Follow RAGBRAI and Ride Back to Start Town

KenH, October 24, 2019 at 8:41 am

I think I made the same suggestion in another thread. Another advantage is that some people prefer a loop route and they could have that option by riding part of both rides as long as there was a good connection route between two towns near the middle. Taking separate routes for both rides would give more towns the chance to participate each year and since the end town for one ride would be the start town for the other both of the terminus towns would get the economic love from us that only the start town gets presently. Plus, they may be a minority but there are those who would love to see an east to west ride because they live west of Iowa and if they park in the west town they would not have to drive back across Iowa to get home at the end of their rides.

This is one of many ideas that could be used to make a nice, non-competitive second ride in Iowa. One that would compliment rather than compete. One that would boost Iowa tourism rather than being a zero sum game at best and potentially drive people away at worst. One that allows all vendors to serve all their customers rather than having to choose between them and potentially lay off workers due to smaller numbers of customers. It may seem noble of TJ when he claims to have done what he has done in order to save the jobs of his staff from what are only imaginary layoffs at this point but he takes no thought for the layoffs his decision could produce among the ride vendor’s staffs. He don’t care about them, not so noble after all. Plus, he claims that IR is “not designed to compete with RAGBRAI.” It is hard to imagine how a ride that was designed to compete with RAGBRAI would differ from his plans for IR. I do not believe there is any difference but I do believe IR is most definitely designed to compete with RAGBRAI.

I just wish he would change his plans for IR so that it truly does not compete with RAGBRAI. That would restore my faith in him and it would be a great idea for everyone associated with RAGBRAI. I will never ride the present IR but I would ride a non-competitive version of IR.

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