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Reply To: Can the DMR replace the RAGBRAI staff in time?

Cory Rood, November 8, 2019 at 8:59 am

[quote quote=1312549]

The other means that I spoke of is a newsletter that I got from Pork Belly Ventures on Friday after I left work. I did not see it until this morning because it came to my work email. I do not have permission from the Register or PBV to share it but if you have friends who are on their email list you can ask them to share it with you privately. I am hopeful that everything I read there will be shared in the newsletter this week anyway. But suffice it to say the news is all very positive. Somewhere above I think I ventured the opinion that RAGBRAI would successfully take place this year but it might not be quite up to the usual standards. That opinion might turn out to be pessimistic.

So, check with your PBV friends or wait for the newsletter from RAGBRAI.


Just read the PBV newsletter and the inside info they have is very good news for RAGBRAI. Sounds like RAGBRAI will be as good as ever. And after this first year some new blood with new ideas could be just what RAGBRAI needed.[/quote]

I take the info from that email with a grain of salt. Their source is RAGBRAI, of coarse they aren’t gonna let on that the ship might be on fire.

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