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Reply To: Can the DMR replace the RAGBRAI staff in time?

Joseph Schlau, November 10, 2019 at 11:25 am

Since RAGBRAI relies heavily on volunteers, most of whom are experienced with a few RAGBRAI’s under their belts. I assume TJ and staff have carefully built & nurtured these relationships…so if many/most volunteers switch to Iowa’s Ride, how is RAGBRAI going to fill that void?

When TJ sent his resignation letter on October 15th, using the Ragbrai system-no less. He invoked the names of Jim (Greenie) Green, Don Benson, and John Karras in an effort to give saintly credibility to himself and his ride. “This Great Ride across Iowa” as he called it is named RAGBRAI, the only name I ever associated with a ride across Iowa.

I promised my mentor Jim (Greenie) Green that I would maintain this great ride across Iowa. I also made that pledge to the late wagon master Don Benson and 89-year-old co-founder John Karras.

This quote from the PBV newsletter paints a different picture and shows what happens to “assumptions”.

The family of the late Jim Green (RAGBRAI’s director) has joined with the Des Moines Register in support of RAGBRAI. Stand by for an invitation to “Ride for Greenie.”

And 89-year-old John Karras who co-founded RAGBRAI in 1973 has asked for a recumbent bike. He wants to ride #48. We’re betting he’ll be out there.

TJ never obtained the blessing or support of these key people, so what makes anybody think this vast cadre of volunteers are in his pocket.

While TJ is trying to elevate himself by standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, I for one am not lining up at the trough to drink his kool-aid.

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