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Joseph Schlau, November 13, 2019 at 2:56 pm

This is from the Ragbrai Blog section, November 8th from Anne Lawrie

How will RAGBRAI be different in 2020?

This transition has allowed us to connect with RAGBRAI Nation in the most lovely way. We’ve been able to hear your concerns and we are listening. We are putting together a list of the top concerns and prioritizing them so the ride director and the new team can tackle them. To offer a few; we will be looking at transparency around our giving and the commitments to the towns. Both offer us an opportunity to support and lift up the communities that contribute to our great state and this great event in new ways. We are committed to being good partners and stewards to them and you will be hearing more about our plans soon. There have been countless other concerns and we will continue to evaluate all of it.

Ragbrai, DMR, and Gannett are private concerns. It is not a nonprofit or government agency required to open their books. That said, they appear to be addressing the issue.

Let’s not forget, TJ was director for 16 years and had the position and status to make this happen. If he tried and was refused, presumably he would have the email paper trail to prove it.

Ragbrai also experiences fatal crashes from time to time. The most serious in 2004 in Crawford County near Schweislig In which a 49 year old rider died and a number injured.

If Ragbrai has passed out all of the profits there wouldn’t be anything left to cover law suits or shortfalls from lean years.

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