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Reply To: Smaller rides and competitive forces.

Anonymous, November 14, 2019 at 5:15 am

About smaller rides. For the last 3 years I have not ridden much of RAGBRAI. 2014 was the last year I rode all week mostly because the route overnighted where I live and relatives’/ friends in most the overnight towns where I had housing. I did tent a couple nights. We love camping with friends and family but not so much after riding all day and into the evening as we often went off route and rode extra miles. Since then I only jump on RAGBRAI, with day passes, if the route is within 25 miles or so of where I live so my wife or someone else can pick me up and take me home to my own bed.

In 2018 I rode from Jefferson to Newton as a favor for a newbies Mother, and now the newbie and her husband are hooked. That year again I stayed indoors at my son and daughter -in -laws in Nevada IA that was on the route. We had a support vehicle and were never more than a few minutes from indoor housing.

For me personally the ride is just too big. This was not the case in my younger years, everything was amazing. My thing since 2018 is wanting to bag RAGBRAI but first start small on trips around NW IA. Then to my sons in central IA and so on. I have slowly procured a bike and equipment worthy of a beginner bagger with good bike repair / maintenance knowledge.

RAGBRAI is truly wonderful. Being behind bars is refreshing with thousands of others. I don’t care for the long lines, hence the bagging. RAGBRAI will go on and I will jump on in the future , easy to get day passes and that is the only way I’ll go simply because I believe you should pay your way.

There are many smaller rides in the region I would like to experience, and experience on my own terms. I have no problem with the IR or any of the organizers of the ride.

Life is just too short for that BS and the BS hurt feelings and actions of people that get upset over the Carson King /DMR issue. It’s OK and good to form an opinion in our free country but JC people get a life, take a walk, ride a bike, help an older neighbor, volunteer etc. I’ve spent my two cents. I love mankind it’s people I hate. (kidding)

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